The American Solar Challenge

The American Solar Challenge follows a different route each race. In 2012, the race started in Rochester, New York, with teams crossing the finish line just in St. Paul, Minnesota. Teams have six days to drive over 1,800 miles of America’s highways.

2012 1st
2010 1st
2008 1st
2005 1st
2001 1st
1999 17th
1997 6th
1993 1st
1990 1st


The World Solar Challenge


In the World Solar Challenge, teams race across 1,800 miles of the Stuart Highway through Australia’s remote outback. This biannual race takes place in the rising heat of October, starting in the northern city of Darwin and ending in the southern city of Adelaide.

2011 3rd
2009 3rd
2007 7th
2005 3rd
2001 3rd
1999 9th
1993 11th
1990 3rd